Tranquil Elephant (TE) Web Solutions

About Us

Who We Are

Web Technologists
TE was founded by Eyasu Kifle in 2009 as a web design and development agency. We have since grown to a team of 4 independent consultants, and our team scales with the demands of our clients.

What We Do

Consulting and Development
We offer a wide range of services from custom WordPress plugins to RESTful APIs. Our specialty is short term projects, web application prototypes, internal tools and other rapid development applications.

Why Us

Quick and Transparent
We are results-driven, pragmatic and efficient. Our goal is to help you meet your goal in an affordable and timely-manner.

Our Specialty


Project Planning & Consulting
Project estimation, UI, architecture, marketing, and monetization consultation.


Responsive Web Apps
Web app development on sound practices using the latest technologies.


Converting Pages
Scalable responsive websites with intelligent metrics in mind.


Tag, Measure, Improve
Data-driven user experience and business conversion optimization.

Some of Our Clients

The Team


Founder and Consultant
Eyasu is our project manager and full-stack developer. He manages the business, full cycle development and client relations.


Rafael is our front-end and back-end developer. He specialized in full-stack JavaScript development.


QA / Research
Cynthia is our QA engineer, she ensures our end product is up to standards and meets all requirements.

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We want to hear about your project!

We are accepting new clients at this point. Tell us about your project and we will see how we can best meet your needs. Send us an email and we'll get back to you in a day or two.

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